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Gas Cylinder New Price: There is a huge drop in the prices of domestic gas on Diwali, just come home for Rs 400

Gas Cylinder New Price: There is a huge drop in the prices of domestic gas on Diwali, just come home for Rs 400

Gas Cylinder New Price: The auspicious occasion of Diwali is coming soon, in such a situation, there has been a huge drop in the prices of LPG gas cylinders from now on. Let’s know in the news below the new prices of LPG cylinder

New Delhi, after Durga Puja, the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, the next festival is coming soon, in such a situation, the consumption of LPG gas cylinder will be the highest because most of the sweets are prepared in Deepawali, hence LPG is the highest. If there is consumption, then you can also buy LPG gas before this festival, because now there has been a record breaking fall, so let’s know the price of LPG in your city!

LPG Gas Cylinder Price

is increasing day by day in the country, inflation is affecting the pocket of the common man a lot and in such a situation the price of domestic gas cylinder is being skyrocketed but now you are going to get relief. But again the subsidy will be implemented, after which gas is being available for ₹ 900 now, its price will be only 500 rupees, you will know that when the government removed the subsidy on gas during the corona virus

Now the government is planning to start it again and if sources are to be believed, then from next month the subsidy on gas will start coming in your account and as soon as the subsidy starts, lakhs of people of the country will get relief. The amount is ₹303.

Sometimes LPG subsidy is available up to ₹ 400, due to which only up to ₹ 500 can take LPG 15 kg gas cylinder.

At present, the system of subsidy is started in many states of the country. In this, the system of subsidy on cooking gas has been started in many states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Northeast. At the same time, there is a plan to start this system in other states of the country as well. The approval of the Finance Ministry is yet to be received on this. If the government approves, then the gas dealer will give a subsidy of Rs 403. After this, after taking gas for Rs 900, Rs 403 will come back in your account as subsidy. In such a situation, the cost of one gas will cost you only 500 rupees.

In this way buy gas cylinder at 300 discount, let us tell you that apart from this gas cylinder, you have a better chance to adopt composite gas cylinder. It is absolutely transparent, in which it can be ascertained from outside that how much gas has been consumed inside this gas cylinder and how much is still left in it.

This cylinder is available in 5 kg and 10 kg, you can buy this gas cylinder for just Rs 634 and take it to your home! The price of LPG cum opposite gas cylinder has come down due to the coming festivals.

It is being seen that LPG gas cylinder is more low-opposite gas cylinder than the LPG gas cylinder, because low-opposite gas cylinder is 300 to ₹ 400 cheaper and it is transparent and light, that’s why most people use composite gas cylinder. At present, less opposite gas cylinders have been started in 24 states, gradually it has been started in every state, so you can take advantage of it from your nearest market.

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• City Price in Rs.• Leh 1299• Aizawl 1250• Srinagar 1169

• Patna 1142.5• Kanyakumari 1137• Andaman 1129• Ranchi 1110.5

• Shimla 1097.5• Dibrugarh 1095• Lucknow 1090.5• Udaipur 1048.5

• Indore 1081• Kolkata 1079• Dehradun 1072• Chennai 1068.5

• Agra 1065.5• Chandigarh 1062.5• Visakhapatnam 1061• Ahmedabad 1060

• Bhopal 1058.5• Jaipur 1056.5• Bengaluru 1055.5• Delhi 1053• Mumbai 1052.5

• State’s average (price may fluctuate slightly depending on the city)

Note: – Rate can be up and down in the mentioned post at any time, so this website will not be responsible in any way.

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