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How is Hijab compulsory in Islam when namaz isn’t: Supreme Court

How is Hijab compulsory in Islam when namaz isn’t: Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Muslim side with regards to how the hijab has become fundamental and obligatory for Muslim ladies when the solicitors are contending that it isn’t necessary for the local area to notice the five head precepts of Islam — namaz, pilgrimage, Roza, Zakat, and Imaan.

This question came from a seat of Judges Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia when candidate Fatma Bushra’s direction Mohd Nizamuddin Pasha made sense of that it could be said there is no impulse in Islam to drive its devotees to notice the five fundamentals of Islam, as an infringement of the precepts doesn’t welcome transient discipline.

Pasha said, “Absence of compulsion to follow the tenets does not mean these are not essential to Islam. The Karnataka high court misunderstood the absence of compulsion professed in a Sura, meant to dissuade followers of Islam from forcibly converting followers of other religions, to rule that hijab is not an essential practice in Islam and hence could be banned in educational institutions.”


The seat inquired, “In the event that the five head Islamic precepts are not obligatorily or mandatorily seen by Muslims without any transient discipline, how a lesser strict practice in hijab, could be named required and obligatory for Muslim ladies to such an extent that they need to wear it even to an instructive establishment?”

Pasha said the Prophet had said that a women’s veil is more important to her than the world and the things in it. “When Quran says to follow the Prophet’s words, and a Muslim girl believes in it to wear hijab while stepping out, can the government, which is mandated not to discriminate entry into educational institution on the basis of religion, ban her entry,” he asked.


He said when Sikh understudies wear patka or turban to schools, prohibiting hijab-clad Muslim understudies from entering the instructive establishment would mean focusing on a solitary strict local area.

How is the hijab compulsory in Islam?

The Qur’an instructs Muslim women and men to dress modestly, and for some, the hijab is worn by Muslim girls and women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males. According to the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, modesty concerns both men’s and women’s “gaze, gait, garments, and genitalia”.

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