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JKSSB Questions Asked In Morning Shift CBT Exam Today

JKSSB Questions Asked In Morning Shift CBT Exam Today

JKSSB Questions Asked In Morning
JKSSB Questions Asked In Morning

JKPSI 2nd shift – (14 Dec 2022)  1) who was first Latin American got relationship with india2) which of the following is warm current3) ipcc headquarter4) Indian Patent office 5) Cooperative bank7) Agriculture & food processing centre8) Sea of marmara9) Noble peace prize 202210) Super computer USA 202211) RBI ease agenda12) Chloroforocarbon source13) speed 54kmph bus without stoppage14) Mixture Compound interest15) fifa women 2023 mascot – tazuni16) chlorophyll compound17) from which community bansavanna belong18) stimulus package related question Option :-Aviation /communication/agriculture

20) Rbi ease agenda 421) how many nationalised bank left after 2020 merger22) imf prediction for Indian economic growth rate for 2022-2323) another name of formic acid 24) thermal tropic statement25) antonym lazy26)one word substitution 27) dime the dozen idioms28) formal communication is also k/as29) inter state water dispute in which article30) emergency has been taken from

31) j&k reorganization act – Delimitation of assembly in which schedule32) number series 4,9,19,39,? 33) biggest ecosystem 34) random synonym35) if radius of circle decrease by 50%36) who was involved in kakori conspiracy37) when gandhi ji break his fast – poona pact38) pie chart39) which enzymes are released by Liver 40) which provisions become absent during emergency?

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